November 4, 2016 Blog Post

Habari Gani!

AGNI (ag-ni) is an online literary newsletter and bi-yearly journal  published by Boston University.  As a subscriber, I receive copies of both the newsletter and journal.  In a recent copy of the newsletter, Sven Birkets editor of the journal discussed his definition of voice. It,to me, is an excellent description of the  concept.  I deleted the newsletter.  It was an old one from last month.  If you’re interested, try contacting Sven Birkets at AGNI on-line.  He might be willing to send you a copy of the article.

I have been thinking about a moral issue, that affects children.  It’s the issue of lying and whether or not a child can be safe without lying. I’d like for you to comment on this question in the blog’s comment section.  What are your thoughts on it and why?

Bye! ljm

P.S.  In this year of the 18th anniversary of the death of Kwame Ture I dedicate this blog  in memory of the SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Students) who are no longer living.

The WiFi Computer

I use a WiFi computer.  I don’t like it like I do the desk top that is hooked up to a modem and receives email and sends them through the cable.  The WiFi is susceptible in the ways that the other computers aren’t.  I have people explaining to me that they can stand about within a two feet range of my computer and CAPTCHA what I am writing.  As a result, they attempt to assist me in writing.  Not a good thing if you are interested in writing in your voice.  I’ve heard, that these are people who don’t believe in the concept of voice.  So, everyone says the same thing in the same way.  Everyone feels the same about an issue and will express it in writing the same way.  This is usually and argument that a teacher hears when a student plagiarized some writing.  I spend hours on the computer and haven’t found this to be true, but I as assured that it is.

To change computer types, I would need to add another phone line to my homeland line phone, because there is another computer in the house.  I would have  to pay an additional fee for the service of the new number.  The phone company doesn’t suggest this as a way to go.  So I am left with the WiFi.  I am a creative writer so you can imagine how this hurts, if you are also a creative writer.  I had a typewriter.   Maybe that’s the answer for the initial phase of writing.  I’m looking for solutions to the problem.  Got any?  Bye!

Month’s End

It’s the end of September.  Today is cool, cloudy and damp.  It’s the second day of early registration, to vote in the general election.  I’m a voter.  I think voting is important.

I am expecting an accounting for the sales of my children’s book, A Birthday Story,  from sources on-line and the  independent bookstore Beaverdale Books, and the local Barnes And Nobles where my book is  being sold.

This weekend is the weekend of the Des Moines Public Library’s Iowa Author’s Fair.  The fair is being held at the downtown central library on Sunday, October 2, 2016 between 1-3 p.m.  I will be selling my book.  This month is the last month for the multicultural fair that is held from May 1st to October 16th, the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  The market runs from 1-5 p.m, the 6th Avenue Corridor here in Des Moines.  The product os diverse vendors are on sale.  I sell poetry at the market as well as my book.  Drop by if you are in the city.  Come to the library this Sunday.  Bye!!

The Book Reviews

Working on a couple of book reviews.  Will provide details like title of publication where it/they can be found in another post.  Joined the Association of Writers & Writing Programs today.  Writers need to be known and to know about the writing business, if they want to publish.  AWP is a good way for that to happen.  So right now my posts (here and on Facebook are monologues.  I’d sure like comments.  I think that’s it for tonight.  I usually think of something else when I sign out.Still writing.  Nothings coming to mind right now so, bye.

Looking for my first post.

September 6, 2016 I posted my first post. I’m looking for it today September 17, 2016. I wonder if it has been deleted.  I looked for it after it was posted and found it in the wrong section of the blog.  It was in the about section.  I went there today and it isn’t there.  I think I’ll check the drafts and the section with the little pencil.  I might find it in one of those areas.  I asked my Facebook friends to leave me comments about my blog, and I don’t see any comments either.  I was giving a way a copy of my children’s book, A Birthday Story, to the first person to leave the comment.   If the post was moved or deleted, the comment/s that might have been left by a friend went with it.  That person has been stiffed.  I apologize to him/ her, and want this to be a notice of my sincerity about the book.  Maybe you can try again if you read this post!