Activist Honored

Habara Gani!  The news is about an activist visiting professor at Iowa State  University and DMACC (Des Moines Community College).   Simone Estes received an award for his efforts fighting malaria. The award was from the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets.  Mr. Estes,  a 79 year old bass baritone opera singer, says a July 18, 2017 article by Kelly McGowan in  the West Des Moines Register, was honored with a Lifetime Impact Award, and a Hall in his name at DMACC,  for raising more than $500,000.00 for the UN Foundation.

Courtney Crowder, writing in the Tuesday, June 20, 2017 issue of the West Des Moines Register, show cased the graffiti students of Movement 515 Color Codes, the graffiti workshop.  The students, Kenny “Sol” Tram and JJ “Zero” Emanuh, painted a mural “that featured images of labor leader Ceasar Chavez, author Maya Angelou and Civil Rights Activist Yuri Kochiyama.”  Why do people do graffiti? I once asked.  The workshop answer,  it’s art.

One more article from  a back issue of the West Des Moines Register.  Phil Roeder a Des Moines Public School writer,  wrote in a May 23, 2017 article  that students at Moulton Elementary School are studying Brazilian martial arts, in an after school program.  The Capoeira arts trace back to the 16th century and incorporates dance, acrobatics and music.

I submitted an application to review a children’s book for the “We Need Diversity Books” yesterday.  I reviewed for them last year.  Hope to be selected again this year.  I’m working on a poetry submission for a book of poetry and I’m selling A Birthday Story.

A Birthday Story is available on B&,, and Beaverdale







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