Habara gani!  Another week and I am continuing the discussion, on the readers of diversity books.  Well!!!, because I haven’t receive any more comments from you,  my readers,  I think it is more of a talk by me.

Before I get to my continuing subject I want to recognize the passing of Mrs. Willie Stevenson Glanton on July 6, 2017.  Ms Glanton was Iowa’s first black female legislator who passed at age 95.  Originally from Hot Springs Ark., Willie Stevenson Glanton, was admitted to the Iowa State Bar Association in 1953.  She was the first black member of the Des Moines City Council on an interim basis in 1985 says Charly Hale, Des Moines West Register, July 18, 2017 and along with her many awards was inducted into the Iowa Women’s Hall of fame in 1966.  Condolences.

To continue – black exists.  My argument is that color is pigmented.  Those whose argument is that black does not exist,  base this argument on the light waves test.  I point out here that we have gone from pigment to light waves.  The light test is conducted with a white light.  The white light is passed through a prism that separates the white light into the primary colors.  The primary colors are red, blue and yellow.  The colors in the rainbow.  Those who say that black does not exist say that because black is not one of the colors that is separated by the prism from the white light.  Notice that white is not one of the primary colors separated by the prism.   White is named as a color, it is said, because it contains the other colors that are reflected from the light by the prism.  The opposite of light is dark.  You can’t have dark with light.  You turn on  light to remove dark.

White as a color is on the color palette.  Black as a color is on the color palette.  The color pallet is what artist use when they paint, or what paint companies might use, etc.  This is because they are pigmented.  All of the colors on the color pallet are pigmented.  Skin is pigmented.  The color exist in the object, the skin, not in the light that reveals the color.  The color of a light can be say red, you will see the red color over the color of the object.  Get a red light, and whatever color you are will be overlayed with the red.  It will not become only red.

Okay, I will stop here.  Discuss it with me for next week’s blog.  Use the reply area below this blog, or one of my links, facebook, twitter, linkedin.

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