Continuing Discussion on The Type of Readers Who Should Read Diversity Books.


Today is July 11, 2017 and it is time for this week’s post.  I want to start again with the continuing subject about diversity books. I did not receive any comments on last week’s post.  I hope you will comment this week as it helps the flow of the discussion.

As I said last week I write  diversity books.   In selling and promoting my current  book I run across individuals who don’t see the need for culturally distinct books.  I continue to write believing that these individuals are not the majority, and some of them will come around to an understanding of the need for all people and cultures to be represented in literature.  The thinking that in a diverse world there should only be one culture that is acceptable, seems to me to go against all that we see around us.  The earth, the universe is diverse. I have written in previous blogs, about teachers in schools, and professionals on jobs who also believe and are working to reflect this world in their  chosen areas.  I look for articles and materials that support this idea. I will continue to do this.  If you have articles, etc. that support the idea of diversity or the opposite idea of a world where only one culture should exist, I’d like to share it and examine it with my blog followers.

I try to keep it short.



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Lana Jean Mitchell is a writer. She writes poetry, books and movies reviews, short stories and essays. She wrote a movie review blog for more than a year, and currently has an author's blog, She's on social media, Facebook, twitter, linked-in, goodreads, google+ and of course Visit her with a tweet, a comment, and/or a Goodreads review of her children's diversity, indie published book A Birthday Story.

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