White Readers, No Black Books.

I’ll begin by stating that I am an African American writer.  I write black books.  The blog title is a continuation of the blog from last week.  Same theme.  The theme is the result of a belief by some that white readers should not read black books.  I’m discussing this with the readers of this blog.  I’d like your comments (below) since I plan to continue on this subject as long as it is of interest and I can add interesting content.

Dr. Charmaine Wilkerson on June 29, 2017, commented on the topic on my  Facebook link – “I  think the books written for our children should be the foundation, and then they should read about others – once we know who we are.”  Dr. Wilkerson’s, is saying that children should get a foundation from the works they read, and that those books should help to give them a sense of themselves.  So black children should read black books and white children should read white books.  Once the foundation is laid, she says, they should read other books.  I agree about the reading of books that give you a sense of who you are.  I think that books that are diverse should be included in this reading as they will help to give you that sense of self as you see it in contrast with others.  Thank you Charmaine.

Webster’s New World Fourth Edition College Dictionary defines culture as the ideas, customs, skills passed along, as in or to succeeding generations; b) such as ideas, customs, etc. of a particular people, c) the particular people or group having such ideas, customs, etc.  The word culture is often  used with the assumption that everyone shares the same meaning.  I gave you the meaning so that when you see it used in this blog, you will know how it is being defined.

The Tuesday, June 6, 2017, edition of the Des Moines West Register’s front page story was about celebrating culture.  King elementary school celebrated the schools different cultures on May 25th, 2017.

As I leave – A Birthday Story, my divesity book is still available on xlibris.com,  at Beaverdale Books, and on amazon.com and Barnes&Nobles.com.





Author: mitchellworksweb

Lana Jean Mitchell is a writer. She writes poetry, books and movies reviews, short stories and essays. She wrote a movie review blog for more than a year, and currently has an author's blog, Mitchellworksweb.com. She's on social media, Facebook, twitter, linked-in, goodreads, google+ and of course amazon.com. Visit her with a tweet, a comment, and/or a Goodreads review of her children's diversity, indie published book A Birthday Story.

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